The new Cindy Sheehan, that isn’t sleeping in a ditch.


Female veterans and military family members spoke out in support of Bowe Bergdahl’s mother Monday through the “Military Wives Makeovers.”

Cathy Cardenas, director of the organization, said it was upsetting to see Jani Bergdahl come under fire as controversy surrounding her son continues to mount.

“We have been very troubled to see how Americans have treated this amazing woman, who as a mother has already suffered during the past five years in ways most of us could never imagine,” she wrote in a Monday press release.

Jani Bergdahl was one of 30 military family members selected by the organization to share their stories while being pampered in February. That was months before Bowe Bergdahl was released after five years as a Taliban prisoner.

Cardenas remembers a woman who “had every opportunity to be angry and mad and point fingers when it came to Bowe.” Instead, when Jani Bergdahl stood up to speak, she displayed an upbeat outlook and gratitude toward the people fighting to bring the captured soldier back to the U.S., Cardenas wrote.

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