Government-mandated “tolerance.”

Via Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama is expected to deny federal contracts to companies and non-profits — including religious employers — that treat homosexuality differently from heterosexuality, according to White House officials.

That’s a huge step, because federal contractors employ roughly 20 percent of the nation’s workforce.

Progressives applauded the announcement — which comes one day before a major fundraiser with gay donors — and demanded that Obama leave no exceptions, even for religious non-profits that use federal dollars to aid the poor and disadvantaged.

“It is now vitally important for all of us to insist that this executive order, when eventually signed by the president, does not include religious exemptions that would permit taxpayer dollars to be spent on discrimination,” said a statement from Heather Cronk, the co-director of the GetEQUAL advocacy group.

The executive order has no been written yet, but if there are few or no exceptions, federal contractors or religious charities that aid the poor would be exposed to lawsuits if they decline to hire and promote homosexuals or people who dress as members of the other sex. Religious charities frequently provide services under government contracts.

“LGBT Americans need these protections immediately, and without the gaping holes that exemptions would create,” Cronk insisted.

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