Which means they will probably overrun Baghdad by the end of the day.

Via The Hill:

Secretary of State John Kerry predicted Monday that Sunni militants in Iraq do not have the ability to overrun Baghdad.

During an interview with Yahoo News, Kerry said he is “absolutely convinced” the U.S. Embassy there has the security to keeps U.S. personnel safe as a militants with the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have taken over a number of large cities in the country.

“I don’t believe that they will in the near term certainly, and I don’t believe they necessarily can at all,” he said of the group’s ability to take over the capital. “But that remains to be determined by the decision that are made over the course of the next few days.”

The Defense Department has moved in additional security forces to secure the embassy and the State Department has evacuated a limited number of people. Kerry said a diplomatic presence remains and that many of those moved were contractors.

The secretary of State “absolutely, unquestionably” denied that the turmoil in Iraq could have been prevented if the United States left a residual forces in the country after combat missions ended in 2011.

Any security agreement would have called for U.S. troops in a non-combat role to only train, advise and assist the Iraqi military, he said.