Stay classy, Comrade Chris.

Via Newsbusters:

You can’t control the universe. The idea that you somehow have to blame it on some systems fault always seems to me like an overreach of confession. I wish somebody out there could just say, on Hillary’s behalf, “Dammit, it’s the real dangerous world out there. And if we’re all going to retreat from there and hide and don’t do what Chris Stevens did, the ambassador, retreat back and hide in the bunker of the embassy, you know, in Tripoli or wherever, of course we’re never going to have relations with the Third World.”

But you got to get out there and take risks and sometimes you get killed. And that’s part of the business. And just be tough and talking to people about the real world. And stop playing games with little people like oh, we have to protect everybody out there. We have soldiers killed every hour.