According to NBC News, as we noted earlier, one of the five Taliban commanders released in the Bergdahl deal, has promised to return to the fight already. Wonder no longer, it didn’t take a week.

There is also something else in the deal that hasn’t come out until now.

Apparently, according to NBC, “the U.S. had provided written assurances that no country would arrest any of the five freed for a year as long as they lived peacefully”, one of his relatives told NBC News by telephone from Afghanistan.

If this is in fact true, why are we only finding out about this now, and from the Taliban side? How or why would we ever make such an assurance to them, basically offering to cover their back for a year? How could we speak on behalf of other countries? Are we now blatantly supporting the Taliban?

Keep in mind, at least two of these men are actually wanted war criminals. They have been declared war criminals by the U.N and are accused of the murder of thousands.

But we guaranteed they would not be pursued for a year?