How dare they upset the queen!

Via Breitbart:

At a fundraiser on Monday, First Lady Michelle Obama pushed back against Republicans who are challenging the national mandates for school lunches.

Michelle Obama reminded donors that Republicans in Congress were dedicated to obstructing not only her husband’s political ambitions but her own efforts to reduce child obesity.

“We all have a right to expect that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars won’t be spent on junk food for our kids,” she said pointing out that parents have a “right” to expect healthy meals in schools. […]

She warned, however, that Republicans would continue to whittle away at her campaign.

“[T]hat’s simply not acceptable. It is not,” she said. “As parents, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for our kids — nothing. We always put our kids’ interests first — always. We wake up every morning, go to bed every night thinking and worrying about their health and their happiness and their futures.”