ACORN has its marching orders.

(The Hill) — President Obama’s campaign manager stressed Monday that Democrats couldn’t rely on their 2008 game plan to win a second term for Obama in 2012.

Jim Messina, Obama’s former deputy chief of staff-turned-campaign manager, released a strategy video to supporters outlining the campaign’s initial steps toward securing victory next fall.

And the key takeaway from Messina was that he intended to throw out the 2008 model and rethink Obama’s strategy for 2012. . . .

“The 2008 campaign was the most special thing a lot of us have ever been a part of,” Messina said in a Web video. “But if we just run that same campaign, we stand a good chance of losing. We’ve got to run a new campaign.”

“This is not 2008. We’ve got to assume every single day that we’ve got to build something new, better, faster and sleeker,” Messina said. “Republicans are going to be fired up to take on President Obama, and so we all and all of you out there have to take the reins and help build this thing.”

“We ought not act like an incumbent, we’ve got to act like an insurgent campaign that wakes up every single day, trying to get every single vote we can,” Messina adds in the video.