Barack Obama

Yesterday, Barack Obama appeared to try to shift responsibility for the VA scandal to his predecessors, saying the problems “predated my presidency” and “I only found out from reporters”.

Yes, problems did predate his presidency, but things became exponentially worse while he was in charge. Under him came not just long waits, but clearly a rampant policy of lying and deception concerning those wait times. This involved reports lying to Congress about those times.

Before Obama entered office in 2009, his transition team was also briefed as to the wait time problem.

Did Obama sleep through those meetings, and sleep though last his six years in office? Or doesn’t he believe he has any obligation to execute the duties of his office?

Before he got into office, when he was campaigning, he also pontificated upon the issue, saying how something must be done.

Now, one more thing.

In case you weren’t aware of it, Barack Obama was also on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee from 2005-2008. He’s had almost ten years where he has had a responsibility to address these issues. What was he doing then while our veterans waited?

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HT: Greg Z