Free from that ‘job-lock’…

Via Washington Examiner:

More than 10 million working-age men are not working, and the majority of them are not looking for work, according to a congressional analysis of Labor Department statistics that provides context for the decreasing official unemployment rate.

The number of men out of the labor force is higher than it has ever been since records began being kept in 1955.

“There are currently 61.1 million American men in their prime working years, age 25-54,” the Senate Budget Committee Republicans report said. “A staggering 1 in 8 such men are not in the labor force at all, meaning they are neither working nor looking for work. This is an all-time high dating back to when records were first kept in 1955. An additional 2.9 million men are in the labor force but not employed (i.e., they would work if they could find a job). A total of 10.2 million individuals in this cohort, therefore, are not holding jobs in the U.S. economy today. There are also nearly 3 million more men in this age group not working today than there were before the recession began.”

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