Yes, the Koch brothers.

Via Mediaite:

As the scandal over falsified waiting lists continues to engulf the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Sec. Eric Shinseki is facing mounting calls for his resignation from even members of President Barack Obama’s party. On MSNBC on Friday, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blamed veterans groups and the Koch brothers for the increasing pressure leading Democrats to join Republicans in calling for Shinseki to step down.

MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing asked Sanders if the pressure on Shinseki to resign from lawmakers and veterans’ groups had become overwhelming.

“Some veterans’ groups and some veterans’ groups have not,” Sanders replied. “I do understand, you know, the Republican Party, and the Koch brothers, and others are putting the money into television ads where people are running for reelection or running for election, and it is hard to stand up to that pressure.”

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