Implosion coming, paving way to single payer…

Via IJR:

A study was released that shows that Obamacare will both increase the cost of health insurance and increase the number of uninsured.

Stephen Parente from the University of Minnesota did an analysis of Obamacare and its projected effect on the number of uninsured over the next ten years. He found that the number of uninsured will go up starting in 2017 due to the declining purchasing power of the government subsidies.

Parente also found that health insurance costs will increase by nearly $1400 for those individuals with “silver” plans and $4200 for families with “silver” plans.

From Conservative Hideout:
Nationally, we estimate an initial decrease in the uninsured with greater use of the private health insurance subsidies, but over time health plan prices are likely to increase faster than the value of the insurance subsidy. As a result of the declining purchasing power of the insurance subsidy, the implementation of the qualified health plan requirements and the end of the reinsurance and risk corridor programs we estimate a significant reduction in the private insurance market in 2017 with steady declines continuing for the rest of the decade.

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