Just as with Donna Brazile and Joe Garcia before him, Tom Perez shows clearly how firmly Democrats have jumped into the communist bandwagon, to the point where they no longer even think of trying to mask their true thoughts.

This is perhaps even more offensive because it is the Secretary of Labor preaching this screed, demonstrating so little understanding of what has made America great. Individualism, the power and freedom to make of yourself what you will, was the boon to American exceptionalism. Collectivism and statism has been its drowning weight. If the Secretary of Labor preaches the opposite, what ill does that portend for the future?

“Move from a selfie culture to an #ussie culture”? Um, sir, your boss is the main proponent of selfie culture; there are few more narcissistically engaged in the trend than he. So perhaps clean your own house first. There is no problem with individualism. There is however a very big problem with an imperial presidency that ignores the Constitution and the separation of powers. Perhaps that is the problematic “individualism” of which Mr. Perez speaks…

Perez’s comments were, of course, met with some stiff objection on Twitter:

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