Obama has already given them billions, how much more do they want?

TEHRAN (FNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the nation has sustained much loss and damage from the US hostile policies, which need to be compensated by Washington.

Speaking in an interview with China’s CCTV television network on Wednesday night, President Rouhani said the Iranian people have suffered a lot as a result of the hostile policies of the US and expect White House politicians to abandon their past behavior of ignoring Iranians’ interests.

The Iranian chief executive said the Islamic Republic pursues its rights in the international arena and does not seek revenge for Washington’s hostile moves against Iran.

“The US should take steps in the direction of respecting the rights of the Iranian nation and at the same time undertake to compensate for the losses inflicted on Iran,” Rouhani said.

He underlined that the Iranian people have never had and will never have any problem with the American nation.

“If the US, in practice, abandons its hostile policy toward the Iranian nation and compensates for its past (antagonism), a new situation can be envisaged for the future of both nations,” Rouhani said.