Apparently that makes what they did Ok.


Muhammad Badi (standing before the court): Assalam Alaykum. Allah’s blessings and prayers upon you.

Judge: You have two minutes.

Muhammad Badi: Fine. This scene is recorded in the heavens, and if we do not meet again in this world, we shall definitely and undeniably meet on Judgment Day before the Lord’s court of justice.

Never have we responded to violent attacks against us with violence. We are commanded to spread Allah’s mercy through peaceful means.

We have fought only against the Jews, and Kamel Al-Sharif may testify about the conduct of the Muslim Brotherhood in the [1948] war in Palestine. We fought against the Jews. The Israeli strategic research institute wrote in a report: “Our greatest enemies in the world are the Muslim Brotherhood.” This is an honor for us, yet now we are being accused of conspiring with Hamas against the Egyptian people. This is an absolute lie.