Via Newsbusters:

JOY REID: When we just showed president Obama’s performance among white voters in the South in 2012. In Mississippi he got 10% of the white vote, in Alabama 15%. His national average was 39% among all white voters. Which is in and of itself down significantly from ’08. But then when you look at how he did in the Midwest, in Michigan or in Ohio or in Wisconsin, or even in Ohio where he actually got a slight majority, the president performs significantly better. It really is a southern phenomenon both for the president and for Democrats at large. Why do you suppose that is?

JIMMY WILLIAMS: Well I think you’ve got to look back at when this all began, obviously with the Goldwater revolution, if you will. With the southern doctrine. And this — what we’re having a conversation about is how did, how did the identity politics come about, right? So you just showed how he did everywhere else in the country except for the South. So that tells me one thing. It’s a race issue. Let’s just call it what it is. And so white men above the age of 50, they’re never going to change their views on race. They don’t need to, they’re already halfway through with their lives. Why would they change? That’s not who we should care about.