Crazy train.

Via Daily Caller:

Gabriel Diaz might not look the part of an Aryan Nazi fighting for the master race, but don’t let appearances fool you — he’s an out and proud National Socialist.

“I am. I’m a National Socialist – what you guys call a Nazi. I am. I’m a believer of it,” the New York City-based cab driver told CBS New York.

And he doesn’t just tell the media about his beliefs. He likes to wear a swastika armband while on the job driving around local citizens. This hasn’t pleased his bosses and he is currently suspended after numerous complaints about his armband were filed with the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the Anti-Defamation League.

But this cabbie, who is of Dominican-background, offers no genuine apologies for his armband or his beliefs, and is rather displeased with having to say sorry for his actions.

“If a Muslim can drive a cab wearing a turban, if a homosexual can walk around with a big rainbow flag, why can’t a person like me wear a Nazi armband?” Diaz explained to the New York Daily News.

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