We reported on this case in April. Rev. Manuel Sykes was the only official Democratic candidate in the 13 Congressional district in Florida when he received a bullying call from the Pinellas County Democratic chairman telling him to get out of the race in favor of another candidate, a white candidate, Ed Jany. Jany has since dropped out of the race under a cloud of having exaggerated some of his background.

The Chairman made it very clear to Sykes that Democrats thought he stood less of a chance because he was running in an overwhelmingly “white district”. So not only were they being offensive to him, but they were making an offensive judgment about the district in general.

Sykes says the message they were sending was, “stay in your place”, you can represent us locally, but you have no place in Washington. “This is their message”, Sykes said, “We want your vote, but the rest you stay out of”.