I eagerly await Kranky Krugman’s piece ripping the NY Times over their equal pay hypocrisy, probably going to be a long wait.

Via Politico:

Former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson was paid substantially less than her male counterparts — sometimes by as much as $100,000 — for the last 14 years of her career, according to salary figures published by The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta on Thursday evening.

Auletta, who was the first to report that compensation may have had something to do with Abramson’s firing, reports that as executive editor Abramson’s starting salary in 2011 was $475,000, compared to her predecessor Bill Keller’s salary of $559,000. Her salary was raised to $503,000, then raised again to $525,000 after she protested.

Prior to that, Abramson’s salary as managing editor, $398,000, was less than that of the managing editor for news operations, John Geddes. And Auletta reports her salary as Washington bureau chief was $100,000 less than that of former Washington bureau chief Phil Taubman.

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