Update to this story.

The company, Serco, is paid out by the government at least in part based on number of employees they hire, so it is in their interests to hire as many people as they can, who end up doing nothing. Ech employee gets $17/hour, and you have to know that Serco gets much more than that per employee, and meanwhile, we are paying out 1.2 billion dollars for this…

Via WFB:

Sen. Roy Blunt (R., Mo.) expressed concern Wednesday over new claims made by an employee at a Wentzville company in receipt of a massive government contract.

The former employee has alleged that the company she worked for provided no work for employees, instead forcing them to pretend as if they were working for the sake of keeping up appearances.

Paula Bujewski was employed by Cognosante for two months. The company shared the same space as Serco. Cognosante worked with Serco to process healthcare applications. Serco had a $1.2 billion contract.

She shared experience with KMOV, “What I deducted from the time I was there is that somebody has figured out how to make a lot of money off this deal to do nothing.”

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