LZ Granderson

Written by CNN’s top race baiter LZ Granderson.

Same-sex marriage foes join flat Earthers, birthers – CNN

Remember the birthers?

Those people who would appear on national television claiming President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. They didn’t have any facts to support their claims, just a gut feeling. And even in the face of more and more facts that proved the contrary, media continued to validate birthers by allowing them to occupy the same space reserved for people taking part in intelligent debate.

Then one day, the madness stopped.

That’s not to say all the birthers went away. Only that their brand of irrational thinking had been escorted to the same space we put other silly debates. Like whether women are intelligent enough to vote or if the Earth is flat. You may laugh but for a time, those opinions were the basis of policies and their merits housed in the same space reserved for intelligent debate. Then the public was presented with facts, and the madness stopped.

It’s hard to remember, but there was a time when well-meaning politicians warned that the military would collapse if gay people were allowed to serve openly. That hasn’t happened, and people have stopped saying it. […]

Only fear-mongering — and more and more Americans are saying enough already.

Whether it’s HGTV canceling the Benham Brothers show or the NFL fining players for tweeting negative remarks regarding Michael Sam’s kiss, what we’re witnessing is not a liberal assault on freedom of speech, religious intolerance or political correctness run amok. It’s just people saying the world isn’t flat.

Again, facts alone are not enough to stop silly people from having an audience.

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