Joining fellow RINO John McCain.

Via Post And Courier:

Charleston County Republicans fought among themselves Monday night before deciding to issue a “censure” of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham for not being Republican enough.

The vote was immediately criticized by Republican National Committeewoman Cindy Costa as “foolish” on the eve of an election.

The censure document, running to about 30 points taken from Graham’s two terms in the Senate, covered a variety of Graham criticisms, ranging from supporting President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees to cooperating with Democrats. Similar censure votes have been considered in other counties around the state, pressed by Graham opponents. Still, they have no weight of force and are more considered to be debated statements of disapproval.

The 39-32 vote among the county executive committee was done by secret ballot and with limited discussion.

Supporters of the resolution said they wanted to make a statement. “I want my politicians to be more conservative,” said Tom Sheridan of James Island.

“He really represents the establishment and the ‘usual’ in Washington,” added Cameron Groen of Johns Island, who said he wanted Charleston County Republicans to “distance” themselves from Graham.