Libs feign outrage in 3… 2… 1…

KATY, TX (KTRK) — Once a sign for advertisement, a Katy business uses its marquee as a sign of the times, echoing America’s divided political views. And nothing makes a statement more than politics.

Tactical firearms in Katy is known for igniting intense debate. Currently on the sign outside the business is a message that reads, ‘I like my guns like Obama likes his voters. Undocumented.’

The store gained national attention last year when its owner discussed gun rights with rocker Ted Nugent and Texas politicians.

People who live near the store on Mason Road make it a point to check out its sign. It’s known for its catchy phrases that appear every Wednesday.

“I think that so much is going on in the government that we need to speak up and say what we believe,” said Katy resident Nancy Newbrough.

The phrases are apparently a team effort. Employees at the gun shop get together and come up with an eye-catching statement each week.

“Political statement, yes. Freedom of speech? Yeah,” said Katy resident Jason Wilfon. “Some people might not like it, some will.”

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HT: Mediaite