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This is a Facebook post from Glen Doherty’s friend, Brandon Webb, who had to help pay to put him in the ground because our government hasn’t paid his death benefit or insurance payment to his family/estate.

While we have certainly have talked about how the State Department failed the men in Benghazi, and talked about Hillary Clinton’s role, Webb also puts another name on the failure to protect them that isn’t mentioned enough.

Via Brandon Webb:

**WARNING** Benghazi rant: If politicians wanted to truly get to the bottom of Benghazi they would stop political grandstanding on both sides of the party lines and they’d do two things straight away.
1. Take care of the families involved. I can’t speak for the other three Americans but my friend Glen Doherty’s family/estate hasn’t received a death benefit or an insurance payment through his DBA policy with the CIA. His friends and I paid to put him in the ground out of our own pockets.
2. They would start to demand that Patrick Kennedy (yes he’s a “Kennedy”), the DOS Undersecretary of management, be held accountable at State. His leadership resulted in denied security requests, and he purposely slowed down the follow on investigation at State. He left his people and Stevens in perilous danger, and his neglect, and lack of leadership (Lions led by Lambs at DOS) contributed to four dead Americans.
And I don’t care about some goddamn sound byte on Fox news by some American Congressman that’s never held a real job, and isn’t affected by the same rules as the rest of us but figured out how to use Benghazi for his own political benefit. I certainly don’t care about some political “investigation” to get to the bottom of things until 1 and 2 are addressed.
I care about taking care of Americans and holding people accountable for their actions.
Out here. -BW

We keep touting the cause here because in our heads, we see the faces of these men, and those of their families, of Charles Woods and his family, and Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith.

How can we ignore them?
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Picture of Glen from Glen Doherty Foundation Page. Please visit and get to know more about him.

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