Does anyone doubt for a minute that without the gun, this criminal would have stopped? I’d call this the feel good story of the day, because I’m so glad that this couple is safe. But no one should have had to go through what this elderly couple did, what kind of sick person attacks people like this?

Via LEX18:

Officials in Harrison County are looking for a man who they say tricked an elderly couple into opening their door for him, only to attack the woman inside.

Officials say the man knocked on the couple’s back door around 1:30 a.m. Thursday screaming “My wife is hurt, my wife is hurt. Please help!” When 70-year-old Sarah Hudgins opened the door, the man, wearing a ski mask and all black, attacked her grabbing her throat and pushing her inside.

The husband, who officials say is fighting a battle with cancer, came out and pointed a loaded gun at the suspect and was able to scare him off and out of the house.

“He pointed the gun at him. I was in the way or he would have shot him right in my kitchen,” Hudgins said.

No one was hurt.

HT: Hot Air