Barack Obama

Another spectacular failure.

Via WaPo:

. . . “The Nigerians have shown a reluctance to accept not only our assistance but also a reluctance to accept some of our analytic advice,” said Johnnie Carson, who was assistant secretary of state for Africa until last year. “It is important that the Nigerians accept this.”

Carson said the United States could share satellite data to help track the movements of the fighters, which would mirror assistance it has contributed to the international hunt for elusive rebel leader Joseph Kony in eastern Africa.

The Obama administration has been critical of the military approach of the Jonathan government, which is dominated by Christians from the country’s south, in dealing with the insurrection in the predominantly Muslim north.

Washington has advocated a wider economic and social-justice agenda to counter the dogmatic Islamists and increase national loyalty among disaffected northern Nigerians. Jonathan has mostly ignored the advice, Carson and others said.