Above is picture of Ramtha the 35,000 warrior spirit, err, I mean J.Z. Knight, the cult leader, with FLOTUS.

Democrats already knew about the remarks but still took the money, thinking everyone had forgotten.

Via Watchdog Wire:

Apparently J.Z. Knight has lost her taint — or at least her money has.

Two years after the Washington State Democratic Party was shamed into declining a $70,000 donation from the Yelm-based cult leader, the Thurston County Democratic Central Committee has accepted a pair of donations amounting to almost as much.

According to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission’s website, Knight made a $50,000 contribution on Feb. 25 and donated another $15,000 on March 24.

The Thurston County Democratic Party did not respond to a phone message from the Olympia Report about the story, but in a follow-up story in the NW Daily Marker, Thurston County Democratic Party Chair Roger Erskine said the Central Committee is not considering refunding the contributions and characterized the statements made by Knight as “alleged.”

Erskine said the decision to accept Knight’s contributions was made by unanimous vote at a recent committee meeting and the decision was based on the board’s having “verified that Knight was a Democrat in good standing who supports all parts of the party platform.”

Up until 2012, Knight had been a reliable donor to Democratic causes in Washington state. But party leaders were mortified when the Olympia-based Freedom Foundation made public a series of videos on which Knight launched into profanity-laced tirade against Jews, Catholics, gays and Mexicans.

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Some fun comments from Ramtha, errh, J.Z. Knight here.