Just when you think MSNBC can’t sink any lower.

Via LifeNews:

On the Sunday, April 27, Melissa Harris-Perry show, during a discussion of new laws restricting abortion in Mississippi and Texas, guest Chloe Angyal of Feministing.com ridiculously saw “white supremacy” in Republican state legislators who had worked to reduce abortion, and asserted that these GOPers should be “ashamed of themselves.”

Marcus Mabry of The New York Times stated the legal question was “at what point will the Supreme Court say the state impediments to a woman’s ability to get an abortion actually represent illegal actions?” […]

Angyal fretted:

“What’s happening in Texas and in Mississippi is, I think, a crystal clear and really painful demonstration of the American reality which is that racism and sexism often go hand in hand. Whenever you see racism, if you take a second look, you’ll find sexism there. And whenever you see sexism, you take a second look and you’ll also find white supremacy and racism. And that is exactly what is happening here.”

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