There is a lot the Dems don’t believe in

Via The Hill

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) on Friday called President Obama and his allies “gutless” for not coming clean about their opposition to the Second Amendment.

In remarks at a National Rifle Association conference in Indianapolis, Jindal said Obama’s allies believe gun-rights supporters and the NRA are “dumb rubes or dumber still because we cling bitterly to our guns and our religion.”

“Now these folks on the left, they are audacious, but I’ll share a secret with you,” he said. “They are also gutless. They refuse to admit their real agenda. The truth is Michael Bloomberg, Eric Holder, so many of President Obama’s wealthiest liberal backers in Hollywood do not in fact believe in the Second Amendment at all.”

Jindal described the struggle as one that would last a generation and would not end with success in the midterm elections or the party winning the presidency in 2016. Jindal is potential presidential candidate in 2016.

The Louisiana governor said the administration’s views on guns are an extension of a larger pattern of stripping away liberty.

“The same liberal extremists that want to come take our guns are the same forces that want to take away our religious liberty, are the same forces that don’t think we are smart enough to pick our own health insurance products, are the same forces that don’t think we are smart enough to decide what sodas we want to drink or food we want to eat,” he said.

Jindal took a shot at former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently launched a group that plans to spend up to $50 million pushing back on the influence of the NRA. Jindal alleged that past projects by former mayor have come up short.

“Michael Bloomberg might have $50 million, I’d rather have the tens of millions of law abiding, freedom loving American citizens all across this country that are ready to stand up and say enough is enough,” he said.