Who knew Swedish meatballs were such a threat to the planet?

Via CNS News:

The pursuit of sustainability has led IKEA, the Swedish home-furnishings company, to develop “lower carbon alternatives” to the traditional beef-and-pork Swedish meatballs it now sells at its stores.

“IKEA is a responsible company, and we believe that we can play an important role in the move towards a more sustainable society,” thecompany announced on April 22, Earth Day.

“We will continue to sell the regular meatballs that our customers enjoy every day at IKEA. However we will also provide lower carbon alternatives; a chicken meatball and a vegetarian meatball are under development and will complement our meatball offer in 2015.”

Environmentalists hailed the move away from meat: “This is one of the first times a major retailer has introduced a meatless menu item explicitly to combat climate change,” said the Center for Biological Diversity.