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As Cliven Bundy himself noted, what happened in his case wasn’t about him, as much it was about government overreach, as we have said from the beginning.

Now, with the comments by Bundy, you see people still missing that it wasn’t about however you viewed him. The Left is all on fire saying “See, we know he was a racist”, yet venting in their own typical intolerance at anyone on the right, using this to paint those on the right as racist.

They deliberately edited the tape of his comments to make his remarks seem more unsavory.

Let’s look at the comments by Bundy as put out by the NY Times and Media Matters:

Now let’s listen to it with the parts that both the NY Times and Media Matters failed to include:

Both videos sound insensitive, but NY Times and Media Matters deliberately failed to include Bundy’s comments at the beginning and the end of the tape where he explains he is upset FOR blacks being trapped by government subsidies as he explains it.They also ignore his comments seemingly looking favorably on illegal aliens. Are the tapes insensitive? Yes, but Media Matters and the NY Times deliberately went out of their way to cut parts they didn’t think served their agenda of painting him as an evil racist old white man and thereby discrediting the points made by the case.

Should this surprise us? No, that’s what they do.

The point remains, it’s never been about Bundy but about the actions of the BLM. It’s been about overreach, improper reaction of the government and “Free Speech” Zones. The overreach in grabbing lands don’t just apply to to Bundy, but to thousands of acres being snatched for solar development across six states and to other lands the BLM is eying.