That would be the Harry Reid led DSCC.

Drew — This will terrify the Kochs:

Our enormous voter turnout effort, the Grassroots Victory Project, is now projected to boost swing-state Democrats by one to four percentage points. This will drive the Kochs wild — their $30+ million in attacks will be a total waste if we neutralize their ads with strong turnout and stop a GOP Senate takeover!!

But if we fall short and don’t have the resources to execute this ambitious plan, our chance to stop the Kochs from buying the Senate will be doomed before Spring ends. Our funding deadline is Friday and we still need 6,000 more Democrats to step up to help fund ground staff in key battleground states like North Carolina — will you help before then?

Please pitch in $15 to the Grassroots Victory Project before Friday. Don’t let the Kochs buy the Senate!

Thanks for your help,
DSCC Battleground Update