Looks like someone forgot to refill his meds. Note: Starts around 50 second mark but gets really good after 1:19.

Via Kerry Picket of The Washington Times:

During a press conference last Thursday held by D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray regarding his opposition to Congress’s re-authorization of DC’s school voucher program, an anti-school voucher activist became angry with me over questions I asked Mr. Gray. The re-authorization of the D.C Opportunity Scholarship Program is designed to happen through Congress’s recent budget dealings.

As the video above shows, following my brief Q and A with Mayor Gray, two unknown individuals behind me decided to heckle me.

Apparently, my questions to the mayor did not go over well with them. One of the two men, in fact, told me to “drop dead” when I was only asking for his name. The Water Cooler is still waiting on confirmation from a local D.C. resident who has yet to respond as to whether or not he was the man I was speaking to last Thursday.

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