areas of takeover

Here are videos of the heavily armed gunmen taking over of the police station in Kramatorsk in East Ukraine over the weekend.

Kramatorsk is just south of the city of Slovyansk, 160 kilometers (100 miles) from the Russian border, which the gunmen who seized over the weekend. Armed gunmen took over buildings in nine cities over the weekend (see map above), killing at least one Ukrainian officer, an SBU Captain. Last week,in Kharkiv, the “local activists” mistakenly tried to take over the Opera House, thinking it was the city hall.

Some of the gunmen in the various cities have been identified as Russian soldiers from operations that they participated in in Georgia and from Crimea, according to the Kyiv Post. According to the Post, a strong force of at least two platoons of Russian paramilitary groups were holding Slovyansk.

According to the Post:

While attending the funeral of the slain SBU captain in Poltava today, Ukrainian First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaliy Yarema said several hundred armed Russian military soldiers are in Luhansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv oblasts who were covertly and gradually sent there over a long period of time, reported local online news source Poltavashchyna.

“Right now, they’ve concentrated their strength in Krasniy Lyman, Horlivka, Kramatorsk and Slovyansk (all in Donetsk Oblast); the terrorists are committing violent acts against police officers and are taking over government buildings,” said Yarema.

The Ukrainian government is responding today and reportedly taken back some of the seized areas.

Here the heavily armed “random activists” show up to take over the police station and are met with some initial resistance from officers:

Securing the front of the building, meeting some angry yelling from a courageous Ukrainian, who is pushed back by a “pro Russian” with a gun.

With the soldiers having secured the front of the building, now here come the plainclothes guys who rip down the Ukrainian flags. At :40, the soldier uses an exression for “curb” that is more common to St. Petersburg than in Ukraine.

Shooting up the police station:

And now, bring on the organized “protest” in support of the seizure of the building: