It’s easy to be generous when you’re spending someone else’s money.

Via CNS News:

The Obama daughters aren’t the only ones with┬átravel privileges. Vice President Joe Biden told a gathering on Monday that he likes to bring his grandchildren with him when he travels.

“I literally — at Christmastime, Mr. Ambassador, I always sit with the kids the last five or — and say, well, where do you want to go this year? Because one of the great advantages of being vice president, I’m able to take, if I’m not going into a war zone, one of my grandchildren with me. And I do take them all. They’re good kids. They don’t get in the way. And it’s a great experience.”

Biden said his granddaughters all told him they wanted to go to the World Cup: “It was an honor to be at the last World Cup and watching Spain win,” Biden said.

Biden led the U.S. delegation to Johannesburg in 2010 when Spain won the World Cup, defeating the Netherlands 1-0.