200 Federal agents, including marksmen with rifles and many agents from out of state, have surrounded the Nevada ranch of Cliven Bundy. Helicopters have been monitoring overhead. Thousands of acres of public land have been closed and people have been denied access. The Bureau of Land Management has already appropriated hundreds of cattle belonging to Mr. Bundy, claiming that Bundy is illegally grazing them on public land.

On Monday, Bundy’s sister was thrown to the ground by a federal agent. His son David was arrested for taking pictures of the government taking the family’s cattle. Bundy’s other son, Ammon, was tased multiple times.

What supposedly prompted all of this, and why has the government been moving against Mr. Bundy?

A tortoise. Many believe that is merely a smokescreen to take control of the land.

In 1998, the federal government dedicated the land to the conservation of the desert tortoise which they claimed was endangered. They claim the grazing, which Mr. Bundy and his family have done since the 1880s, is damaging the desert tortoise population.

A strange claim given that the federal government is probably endangering the desert tortoise more than Cliven Bundy ever could.

Last year in the midst of budget cuts, the government decided they no longer had the funds to maintain the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center in Las Vegas. In response, federal officials decided to close the site and euthanize hundreds of the tortoises.

So wait, what was that? The government doesn’t have the money to run the center to save the tortoise, but they can spend at last report at least a million dollars to move against Cliven Bundy to supposedly protect the tortoise, while they are actually killing them.

Makes perfect sense to me…

HT: Get A Clue