Read more on this story here. The Bureau of Land Management has been taking Cliven Bundy’s cattle, claiming that he is improperly grazing them on federal land. Yet Bundy and his family have been grazing them on the same land since the 1880s, long before the creation of the Bureau of Land Management came into existence. Bundy’s son was thrown to the ground and arrested when he stood on a public road to take pictures of what the government was doing.

As the video above shows, the tension got even greater after the federal agents showed up with backhoes and clashed with protesters questioning the action. Agents tased one man repeatedly, allegedly hit people with slow moving vehicles and at least one woman was thrown or knocked to the ground at around :30.


Here’s more video of the conflict, which shows the woman was thrown to the ground by one of the federal agents, and details more people coming to join the protest:

Some more from the scene:

Raising a “We the people” sign.

Don’t step outside the “Free Speech Area”, you might be arrested.