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Chuck Schumer has joined Harry Reid in obsessive attacks on Charles and David Koch and their company, Koch Industries. Yesterday Schumer told Politico that the Democrats’ attacks on the Koch brothers are paying off politically, and they intend to continue them. He described the brothers’ “real agenda”:

They’re spending $40, $50 million in ads that are not focused on their real agenda, which is just eliminating all regulation on corporations, cutting taxes to virtually nothing.

Here is the funny thing: when KochPAC, Koch Industries’ political action committee, donated money to Schumer’s 2010 Senatorial campaign, Schumer thought the Kochs were wonderful. […]

Schumer couldn’t have been more grateful to the Kochs: “Thank you so much for the generous KOCHPAC contribution to my 2010 campaign….” “Your early financial help keeps me strong in my campaign.” “Again, I can’t thank you enough….I look forward to working with you throughout this election.” If you think the Democrats’ attacks on the Koch brothers are hypocritical, and purely a matter of whose ox is being gored…you are right.

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