Alan Grayson

I’m shocked, he seems like such a nice guy.

Via Shark Tank:

“I’m done. My husband has always been hitting me for years,” she told investigators. “He’s been hitting me a lot. I’ve been so quiet for years.”

Lolita Grayson accused her husband of trying to kill her but said she stood by him until December when his cheating drove her to throw him out.

“I told him, ‘Handsome, I know the fact that you have been cheating for more than a year, two years,’” she said.

“He doesn’t have any remorse. He’s so happy.” Lolita Grayson told investigators her husband told her to stop talking about his mistress, saying,

“‘You’re hurting me talking about my mistress. They are my mistresses and I’m proud of that.’”

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