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Wonder how the base jumpers and that 16 year old kid were able to get into the WTC? This has been the type of security at the WTC. And the SEIU gave this man an award, likely for “dealing” with his disability. Read on, you can’t make these things up.

Via NY Post:

Only days before President Obama revealed that his worst fear was a nuclear terror attack on Manhattan, a nearly blind guard was caught sleeping on the job at the Freedom Tower — where he was the building’s first line of defense.

In this cellphone photo obtained exclusively by The Post, Abdul Basher, 65, is wearing shades and lying almost completely horizontal in a chair in the No. 1 terror target’s south lobby, where he was the only guard stationed, sources said.

Even when awake, Basher admittedly can’t open his left eye and has “hazy” vision out of his right due to a nerve condition.

“Sometimes I cannot recognize people, stairs,” Basher said. “That post was so hard to cover for me. It was very, very stressful. I could barely see half of the lobby.”

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Since the guard was caught and fired, the WTC is now saying that security has been improved and the building is safe. The Department of Homeland Security is supposedly having a hand in the security. Somehow that doesn’t reassure me…

Here’s another picture of Abdul Basher, who is an immigrant from Bangladesh: