Predictable to say the least.

Via Twitchy:

One problem with their “blame Bush” argument, Spc. Lopez saw no combat when he served in Iraq for only four months in 2011, which was after combat operations for U.S. forces had ended.

Via NBC News:

The soldier who shot three people to death at Fort Hood apparently did not see combat during a tour in Iraq three years ago but was clearly troubled, under treatment for depression and anxiety and being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

As authorities tried to piece together a motive on Thursday for the rampage, a picture began to emerge of the gunman, identified as Spc. Ivan Lopez, 34, a married father who transferred from another base in Texas in February.

Lopez had served 11 years in the Army National Guard in Puerto Rico. He joined the Army in 2010 and was assigned to Fort Bliss, Texas, before transferring to Fort Hood two months ago, according to military records.

The commanding officer of Fort Hood, Lt. Gen Mark Milley, told reporters Wednesday night that the gunman was on medication, and was being evaluated for PTSD but had not been diagnosed.Authorities were digging into his background, Milley said.

There is no record that Lopez saw combat during a four-month deployment to Iraq in 2011, military officials told NBC News on Thursday. At that time, American forces were withdrawing from Iraq.

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