This letter, now circulating the Internet, was sent to me by a number of sources in Venezuela. It is being sent out to journalists in Venezuela identified as having unfavorably covered the Venezuelan government in regards to the unrest which began in the country in February this year.

The letter goes on to say that the journalist has been identified by name, the government knows where they live and will take action against them.


You have been identified as one of those “journalists” who have been given the task to denounce on Twitter and other medias the work of our defense groups, and has been responsible for demonizing them, creating a matrix of opinion, exposing them to public criticism.

Also of promote destabilizing actions of fascists and stateless groups who seek to overthrow the legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro, probably financed and paid by the “squalid,” bourgeois right, who has the country on flames.

Be hereby notified that you are fully identified, we know where you live, where you work, you and your family, so we demand you immediately stop the communicational attack you are having against us, or abide to the consequences.

Because this revolutionary defense front is not going to hesitate to enforce the Constitution and keep alive the legacy of our Supreme Commander and eternal President Hugo Chavez Frias