Fort Hood of course is where Major Nidal Hassan shot and killed many in the name of jihad.

Via Dallas News:

There are multiple reports of an active shooter at Fort Hood.

KCEN-TV is reporting that the shooting took place at a medical support building just after 4:30 p.m. and that at least three people have been injured.

Fort Hood has confirmed there’s been “an incident,” and tweeted at 5:01 that “all personnel on post are asked to shelter in place.”

Central Texas College in Killeen, which is four miles from Fort Hood, has also been evacuated.

The suspect is believed to be barricaded in a building on base.

Updates to come.


Update: NBC saying as many as eight have been wounded so far.


Initial reports indicate a white man in a Toyota.


As with anything breaking like this, we caution that these are initial reports. There is a live feed in this tweet so you can go to it for further information:


One shooter confirmed dead:


Shooter died from self-inflicted wound:


CBS, NBC are reporting the shooter is a soldier named Ivan Lopez:

Multiple reports of 4 dead, including gunman.