Is there any reason why teachers should not be forced to de-unionize?

Via EAG News:

Teachers who are upset with union contract negotiations in the Abington Heights School District are taking their frustrations out on students by refusing to write letters of recommendation.

The selfish move, which is a common pressure tactic among education labor unions, will undoubtedly impact the ability of students to apply to college or other post secondary programs, although district officials contend they’re working to address the issue, the Times-Tribune reports.

Union president James Maria told the new site teachers in the district aren’t required to write students recommendation letters, and they don’t plan to until the school board reconsiders its position on retroactive pay. School and union officials have been in negotiations for a new teachers union contract since the last one expired in 2011.

District Superintendent Michael Mahon, however, is not pleased the union has decided “to hold kids hostage because they want … a bigger pay check,” which he believes is not allowed, the Times-Tribune reports.

“And to the extent that the union believes that it is not their obligation, then we are heading toward an enormous conflict,” he said.

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