I wonder if Obama gets tired of looking like a fool?

Via NRO:

Russia’s ambassador to the United States this morning had a sharp retort when asked about President Obama’s comments that Russia is a “regional power acting out of weanes.”

“If you consider Russia ‘a regional power,’” he said, “look at our region — it is from Europe to Asia.” President Vladimir Putin has talked up a Eurasioan Union as his anti-Western alternative to the European Union, and close advisers to Putinbelieve in a certain Eurasian ideology.

When ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked the ambassador whether Russia would consider pulling back from Crimea as a condition of a diplomatic solution, he wasn’t taken too seriously either: “What kind of from Crimea are you talking about?” Ambassador Kislyak said. “We are talking about territory of Russian Federation [sic].”

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