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Update to this dramatic story on Leland Yee, the CA State Senator arrested for gun running Democrats, and our prior story on Shrimp Boy, the notorious gangster with whom Yee dealt.

I have to confess to seriously loving this story; not the crime part, of course, but the absolute festival of Democratic fail. And how can you beat a story with a guy named “Shrimp Boy”?

Via Daily Mail:

Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow has fired back at critics who say he never really left behind the crime life on the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown in a series of Facebook posts he managed to get up while in federal custody.

The self-professed reformed crime boss posted Friday to maintain his innocence and, in a move that proves notorious Chinese mobsters are ‘just like us,’ to share an uplifting message.

‘Letting go of the thoughts that do not make ME strong,’ reads the post.

The posts further deepen the strange, convoluted story of the gangster-turned-motivational speaker, who was arrested Wednesday along with two dozen others in widespread gang bust by federal authorities.

While the posts clearly bear a message of Chow’s innocence, how he got them there is less clear.

By law, the 54-year-old shouldn’t have anything with him that connects to the internet. Which means either he’s managed to sneak something in or someone is posting messages for him.

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