The Leland Yee story would seem a festival for any reporter. Gun running with Islamic rebels with missile launchers, murder for hire and even a gangster named Shrimp Boy. Yet not so much for CNN, who ignored it like the plague. But what do I know? I’m just a blogger…

When queried about the crickets on the story about the arrest of the Democratic state senator and 12 others in a massive FBI sting operation, CNN maintained that they didn’t cover state senator stories. Like “just about never”.

Never apparently comes often, except in cases of alleged gun running by a Democrat.

CNN covered the State senate candidacy of Sandra Fluke. Guess if you pimp for birth control and have no other discernible resume, you’re worthy of a story.

But just in case that was a- well- “fluke”, here’s two more state senator stories covered by CNN here and here.

Oh hey, check out CNN coverage of Leland Yee here where he speaks out against violent video games. Because you know imaginary violence is so much worse than gun running for terrorists and murder for hire…

And here’s a list of other stories where they covered Yee.