Fellow MSNBC hacks Andrea Mitchell and Alex Wagner round out the bottom three.

Via The Wrap:

What do you want in a newscaster? Accuracy? Ethics? A voice of reason in times of duress?

Or do you just want to like your anchor?

If the last part is most important to you, then channel-surf no further than Scott Pelley of the “CBS Evening News.” The newsman topped TheWrap‘s list of most and least-liked newscasters, based on survey results from the Q Scores company.

Pelley’s 19 Positive Q Score, which measures likeability, helped him just beat the No. 2 guy, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who had an 18. Cooper’s 56 Recognizability score places him among the highest on this list.

“Hardball” host Chris Matthews struck out with the lowest likeability score of all. […]

Matthews had a lowly 6 Positive Q Score. Fellow MSNBCer Alex Wagner is just above her colleague, scoring an 8. Andrea Mitchell, Leslie Stahl and Dr. Sanjay Gupta round out the bottom five, each earning a 9.

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