Via The Blaze:

Two members of a Maine town council are refusing to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance at public meetings, a move that’s attracted plenty of attention since video of the pair’s silent protest was posted online.

Officials in Hampden, Maine — a town of about 7,000 that sits 6 miles south of Bangor along the Penobscot River — said they have been inundated with phone calls complaining about the council members’ March 17 actions, WLBZ-TV in Bangor reported.

While the furor grows, one the men embroiled in it told TheBlaze on Thursday why he’s been opting out of the pledge since reciting it became council policy in January.

Thomas Brann, a Vietnam veteran who’s not registered with any political party and has been serving on the town council for the better part of 14 years, told TheBlaze he disagreed with Mayor Carol Duprey’s spoken introduction of the pledge, which she said was to pay tribute to those in uniform “currently serving in harm’s way.”

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