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Of course he was.

Via SF Examiner:

In a phenomenon that may be unique to liberal San Francisco, mayoral candidates are jumping on the Occupy SF bandwagon. John Avalos and Joanna Rees have already visited the protesters’ downtown camp. Leland Yee marched with the occupation Saturday, and on Friday David Chiu stopped by for a chat with the 99 percent. Yee joined Occupy SF for a massive march to Civic Center Plaza on Saturday.

“I’m proud to have always stood with the 99%, especially when I fought corporate greed at the UC and CSU, and when I voted against Draconian cuts to our schools, social services and health care,” Yee said in a press release. “I am enthused that the Occupy movement has taken off and empowered our community…. It is time we return City Hall to the people rather than the powerbrokers.”

On Friday, according to Chiu’s Twitter feed, the city supervisor made an appearance at the camp to talk to protesters about why they were there.

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