Via Politico:

Once again, Vice President Joe Biden has raised hopes in the LGBT community for another major administration move on gay rights.

Two years after getting ahead of President Barack Obama in saying he supported gay marriage, Biden on Saturday called LGBT workplace discrimination “close to barbaric” and “bizarre” in a speech to the Human Rights Campaign.

But he did it without mentioning an executive order that’s been waiting for Obama’s signature for two years that would bar government contractors from firing people because of their sexual orientation.

It’s not like advocates have let the White House forget that the document is there. Outside groups who’ve been leading the charge on the executive order have continued to put the pressure on top administration officials in private meetings at the White House.

The executive order is a smaller version of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, which would apply to the entire workforce, not just government contractors. The Senate passed the bill in November but isn’t going anywhere in the House.

The ghost of Robert Byrd seen nodding in approval: